Zena Little from Vipissy

Zena little from Vipissy starts today in a great piss set. The story from Vipissy goes “Zena is more horny than usual this morning. She woke up and started reading a very erotic story. One she had not read in quite some time. As she starts to get to the good parts, she feels a mysterious trickle begin to run down her body. This is just what she needed to get her day going. Slowly, she bathes in the warmth, feeling it all over her trembling body. Her lover begins to piss and Zena opens her mouth wide. Tasting every last drop that touches her tongue. When he is finished releasing his morning urine, he strips her down and begins to lick her asshole. Up and down he continues till it is nice and ready and he then inserts his finger. She is pleasantly surprised at how much she enjoys this and begins to piss on her own chest. Before he can stick his hard cock into her spread open ass, he uses a nice dildo and loosens her up more. Soon it is ready for his cock and she invites it in. This is one anal pissing love scene that you do not want to miss. ”

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