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Fisting and Pissing Lesbians

ViPissy brings us a great pissing and fisting lesbian scene staring Bella Baby and Terry. The story goes “Bella Baby and Terry have found a new use for Saran wrap! The wrap is so tight around her pussy that the piss flow is struggling to find an escape. Finally it makes it way out the side and Terry catches it in her hand. She can’t stand the wait and starts to rip the wrap off her lesbian lover. Terry soaks her panties as well and lets the piss fall all over Bella Baby. They can’t get enough of each others piss soaked pussies and begin to fill each other up and enjoy the taste of every last drop. These sexy vixens will not leave a dry spot in the house when they are done. They bathe and fuck in the urine covered area making sure to bathe in all the glorious pissing action till they are completely satisfied and soaking wet. This is a super-hot lesbian pissing and fisting

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Natalia Forrest Peeing In Her Panties

Wetting Her Panties brings us Natalia Forrest topless and peeing in her panties. She is sitting on the floor looking so sexy she holds her panty encased pussy and then starts to pee in her cream panties. The panties starts to go dark and then when there is to much pee soaking into them they starts to go see through. As she is peeing in her panties her pee puddle is getting bigger and bigger around her bum till she is sitting in a lovely warm piss puddle. She finishes peeing in her panties and stands up showing us that her piss soaked panties are clinging to her bottom. A hot topless panty peeing from Wetting Her Panties

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Panty Peeing Lesbians

HD Wetting brings us this triple panty peeing and then a great make out session. Sosha is on the bed topless and in her panties the other two girls tickle her till she is pissing in her panties. She makes a great big puddle and there is a pool of piss around her bottom. She finishes peeing and then Alisha and Carly pee through there knickers into her. By now she is soaked in piss but it’s not finished yet with the smell of warm piss in the air they make Sosha Cum a great lesbian panty pee.

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Peeing In Her Panties From Peeing Mania

Today Peeing Mania brings us these pictures and a movie of this red head peeing her panties outdoors. Not the usual style from Peeing Mania but I’m not complaining she really is hot and to see her pissing her panties great let’s hope we get more from her showing her pissing pussy

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Peeing In Her Red Panties

Here we have Yuliya from Wetting Her Panties in the shower and peeing in her panties. She looks like such a fun panty pisser. The look on her face as she is peeing in her panties is wonderful. Check out how soaked in piss her panties are too. You can’t really ask for more from wetting her panties.

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Panty Peeing With Dee

There is panty peeing and there is panty peeing and this is one hot panty peeing set from real wetting. Look at her piss soaked panties how sexy do they look glistening in her warm piss and in the Realwetting movie of this scene she keeps on rubbing her crotch as she is peeing her panties. The last photo has to be the hottest though she is lying in her piss puddle while still in her pee soaked panties some hot panty peeing if you ask me

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Peeing In Her Panties

What better way to start a new pissing blog with some panty peeing. It is much better than the first post being piss drinking. So here we go in her skirt with some lovely stripped panties she releases her bladder and the pee starts to soak into her panties what a great soaking mess she then finishes off buy pulling her piss soaked panties down and shows her shaved pussy

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