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Vipissy brings us this great lesbian pissing the story goes “Curvy blonde Zuzana and dark haired vixen Tiffany are more than just roommates. These two naughty girls are also lesbian lovers who share an infatuation with piss. So when Tiffany returns from a shopping trip with two new pairs of cotton undies, the pee-crazy duo can’t wait to put them on and have some fun. With her legs spread wide Tiffany releases her bladder, wetting her panties while Zuzana hungrily sucks the moisture from between her girlfriend’s legs. The blonde hottie is quick to return the favor, making sure her own panties get soaked all the way through. Ready to step it up a notch, the girls take turns inserting lit candles into both pussy and ass, giving the phrase “playing with fire” a whole new meaning. Streams of fresh pee extinguish the burning flames but only serve to increase the heat growing in their dripping pussies. When Zuzana and Tiffany break out the high-powered magic wand vibrator, you can be sure these piss craving babes have a lot more kinky fun in mind.” Super hot pissing Action from one of the best pissing websites around

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Punk Chick Pissing On Herself

From Wet and pissy we have Kirsten Plant  she is one dirty tattooed lady and while playing around she pisses all over herself. Just look at her wet pussy that is gaping as she is pissing this is such sexy self pissing

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Denise Pissing From Wet And Pissy

WetandPissy brings us this hot brunette Denise. She starts off in tight jeans looking so sexy. In no time she has stripped off to show her shaved pussy and she starts to piss. Her golden pee shots everywhere and she fully soaks herself. She is one wonderful wet pee babe.

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Nolita Stripping and Pissing

Vipissy brings us the very sexy Nolita. Nolita sheds her shear lingerie and plays with her naked pussy. Soon she can’t handle it any longer and gushes piss from her tight pee hole. She sticks a candle deep inside so she can use a pussy pump to suck it out. Her boyfriend is so turned on by her swollen pussy that he can’t help but feel the need to pee inside her. In this porn pissing video, she plays around with his warm piss and then relieves him by letting him shoot a nice hot load on her face. This is a great 5 minute movie from Wet And Pissy

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Wet Pissing Sex

Vipissy brings us the lovely Lilith and her lover. When buxom blonde Lilith finds her boyfriend passed out on the sofa with a half-empty bottle of wine, she finds herself getting very thirsty. It’s not wine that she’s craving though. This dirty diva has something very naughty in mind. Hiking her skirt up around her waist, Lilith lets a stream of warm pee flow onto her man’s stomach. When that doesn’t do the trick of waking him, she unzips his pants and rouses him with a blowjob. Soft, wet lips wrapped around his dick finally gets him on his feet, but the need to release his bladder is overwhelming. Sensing his urgency, the obedient blonde quickly drops to her knees with her mouth open wide, hungry for a taste of his wine-tinted urine. As a hot, tingling sensation starts to grow between Lilith’s legs, she begins to realize that this is going to be one very wet and fulfilling night! A great wet fucking for the both of them.

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Slave Girl Piss

From The House Of Taboo we have Laura M. & Nelly Sullivan “The docile servitude at the hands of Mistress Laura are further demonstrated when poor little Nelli finds it necessary to relieve herself! Asking for permission she is told to fetch a pot and squat over it for her Mistress’s amusement. At first she finds it difficult to go being the subject of a spectacle. However a curt threat of another ass whipping from her Mistress and Nelli is soon filling the pot with a strong golden stream of her steaming nectar. She manages to get most of it in the rather small container but sprays and dribbles on the surrounding floor. Although amused, her Mistress is not very pleased.” super hot lesbian bondage pee

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Brunette Getting Pissed On

Vipissy brings us this wonderful piss blowjob Eveline Neill is the star and boy is she hot and not shy of warm piss. “Petite beauty Eveline Neill loves the long awaited release of that stream of urine from between her legs. Almost as much as she loves the feel of her man’s hot piss splashing on her bare skin. Today is one of those days that Eveline just can’t help but crave some of that warm nectar, so when her boyfriend catches her relieving herself into a glass bowl, he knows exactly what this piss loving vixen needs. Filling Eveline’s gaping pussy and ass with a stream of her man’s fresh pee only intensifies her cravings. Dropping to her knees with her mouth open wide tells her man exactly what’s on this naughty babe’s mind. As she feels the first drops of hot golden fluid splash on her waiting tongue, Eveline knows this is just the beginning of a very wet and satisfying afternoon.” A super-hot couple pee.

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Lingerie Lesbians Kissing And Pissing

Vipissy brings us another great lesbian peeing. Today it stars Gitti and Sissy the story goes “New lingerie won’t come between these two friends. They can’t wait to rip it off each other and begin their pee fantasy. It’s something they’ve always loved doing. They go out, buy some sexy lingerie and then soak it with each other piss. It turns them on more than anything else. They take turns going down on each other and lapping each other’s piss up. They grab the empty vase and fill it up. That is just the beginning. They squat over each other and start to pee on each other’s bodies and lick that up as well. They will not let one drop go to waste. More and more toys get pulled out and soon they are in a pissing frenzy. “Once again a super-hot lesbian peeing from Vipissy

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Sexy Lesbians In Pee Play

From Vipissy we have the lovely Daphne – Zena in this lesbian piss scene. The story goes “When naughty babes Daphne and Zena decide to have a contest to see who can squeeze out the most pee, there’s only one problem. What do they do with all of this excess liquid? The piss-hungry duo comes up with some very creative uses for their bucket of pee, starting with a condom filled to maximum capacity with a mixture of both girls’ urine. They take turns sucking on the piss-filled rubber, showing off their blowjob skills before biting tiny holes in the stretched latex. Using the leaking condom like a miniature sprinkler, these lesbian lovers begin to douse themselves with warm golden nectar. Still too dry for their liking though, the girls ditch the small pee-balloon and go straight for the bucket, splashing each other with bladder-fluid until both are thoroughly soaked. They still have a couple of rounds to go before they can determine the winner of this competition, so Daphne and Zena break out the massive black dildo. The cum craving pair use the huge toy to stretch each other’s pussies and massage their full bladders, getting them ready for the next round of the pissing contest. Which pee-soaked babe do you think will win?” Hot girls hot lesbian action and of course some hot pissing action too.

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