Sexy Zena Pissed on From Vipissy

Zena Little from Vipissy

Zena little from Vipissy starts today in a great piss set. The story from Vipissy goes “Zena is more horny than usual this morning. She woke up and started reading a very erotic story. One she had not read in quite some time. As she starts to get to the good parts, she feels a mysterious trickle begin to run down her body. This is just what she needed to get her day going. Slowly, she bathes in the warmth, feeling it all over her trembling body. Her lover begins to piss and Zena opens her mouth wide. Tasting every last drop that touches her tongue. When he is finished releasing his morning urine, he strips her down and begins to lick her asshole. Up and down he continues till it is nice and ready and he then inserts his finger. She is pleasantly surprised at how much she enjoys this and begins to piss on her own chest. Before he can stick his hard cock into her spread open ass, he uses a nice dildo and loosens her up more. Soon it is ready for his cock and she invites it in. This is one anal pissing love scene that you do not want to miss. ”

Zena Little being pissed on

Zena Little soaked in pee

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Victoria Sweet Pissing

Victoria Sweet from Wet And Pissy

Wet and Pissy brings us the wonderful Victoria Sweet she is one hot pissing lady. The story at Wet And Pissy goes “Victoria has a nice skin tone, great legs and ass, and she enjoyed every moment of being a part of what we do. Her grey, cotton, imitation jean pants augment what lies beneath them. She pees still wearing them and then sits on the freshly wet floor. Once she is fully undressed, Victoria fills two martini glasses. She uses her white shirt to dry up some of her pee. Wearing the shirt once again, she looks even sexier as it is just shy of concealing her pussy, especially after tying it up in a knot. She makes use of the martini glasses to drench her shirt and moves on to a speculum. With her leg in the air and no obstruction from the speculum, Victoria bares it all as she pees one more time. Her stream is fantastic and she is noticeably entertained by her actions. The wet floor is again a source of pleasure for Victoria as she glides back and forth on it. She pees into a small pitcher and uses a baster as a means to make the most out of the contents in the pitcher.”

Victoria Sweet Pissing

Victoria Sweet Wet With Piss

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Sexy piss blowjob With Paula Shy

Paula Shy from Vipissy

Paula Sky from Vipissy is one of the hottest models around and in these pictures from a longer piss movie we have the lovely Paula Sky. She get on her knees and start to such a cock and then she gets a mouthful of piss just look at her beautiful face as it get splashed with pee she really is loving it.

On her knees ready for pee

Paula Shy drinking piss

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Threesome Pissing Fun

lesbians at the bar

From VIpissy we have this great threesome piss  staring Kitty Jane and Samantha Jolie the story goes “Kitty Jane and Samantha Jolie are not impressed with the drinks their hired barman is making. They offer to show him how to mix them better. The fill the tumblers with their warm sweet piss and show him how much better it is. They are still in need of his services though. They lead their hired help to the bed and use him as their own pissing and fucking mat. Taking advantage of him in every way they can. They take turns riding him hard and pissing all over each other’s chest and bodies. They even let him get in on the pissing action. This is the best job he has ever been hired for and you are about to get the best seats in the house. These two lesbians pissing queens will leave his dick yearning for more.” once again wonderful wet fun from VIpissy

lesbians licking a cock

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Pissing And Piss Drinking Fun From VIPissy

Violette from VI Pissy

VI Pissy brings us the sexy Violette. The story at VI Pissy goes “Violette’s flower is pretty dry after being freshly planted. She could use a little moisture to help perk it up. Her lover has no problem assisting in the fresh soaking. Violette opens up wide and enjoys the clear urine as it hits her tongue. He continues to soak her everywhere, drenching her clothes till they are dripping. He uses this chance to wring out her clothes into her mouth. Mmm she loves the taste. Now it’s her time to release some morning urine. She squirts her piss onto his dick as its rock hard and enjoys the feel of it gushing out of her tight, shaved pussy. They swap some clean urine from mouth to mouth being careful not to let a single drop go to waste. He lubes her up and continues to explore her body, this time plunging deep into the gapes of her asshole. She enjoys every minute of it! She is one dirty girl and after fucking in the pile of dirt, it’s time for a little urine shower. He eagerly washes her off and she will thank him but taking a nice hot load in the mouth. You’ll never look at gardening the same.” Hot and sexy piss drinking from this lovley blonde.

Soaked In piss

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Piss Guzzling Lesbians

Piss Whore Training Brings us this lesbian piss drinking. Lily is lying on the floor when she is squatted over by a chubby Ruby she is squatting and then starts to piss into Lily’s mouth lily is such a wonderful submissive that she drinks down all the lovely hot piss and when she has finishes drinking all of Rubys piss she then licks cleans her wet pissy pussy. Super sexy.

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Victoria Sweet And Naomi Pissing

For Todays update Vipissy brings us Naomi and Victoria Sweet two smoking hot babes. The story at Vipissy goes “Naomi and Victoria are feeling a little playful today. Some gentle kissing quickly turns into some hot and sexy pissing foreplay action. Victoria knows exactly how to get Naomi’s pissing juices flowing. Gently fingering her at first to get her pink pussy spread just right and then harder as Naomi starts to squirt piss out. It tastes so good to Victoria who drinks up as much as she can. Now it’s Naomi’s turn to please Victoria. With a speculum, she spreads her open and hands her a glass. She wants the full taste of this nice warm piss from her soft pink pussy. Yum, it tastes so good. They take turns drinking up and pissing all over each other, making sure to wash each other from head to toe with the warm piss. After some toy play, these two are now happy and enjoy a relaxing time on the floor, recovering and getting ready for their next pissing adventure.” A super Hot Pissing Session.

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Mistica Pissing From Wet And Pissy

The Lovely Mistica from Wet and Pissy joins us in today’s update and what a hottie she is. The story from Wet and Pissy goes like this” Wet jeans are the first thing on Mistica’s agenda. She then sits on the sofa to pee in a very feminine way, alternating lifting her legs up in the air as she pees over and into her shoes. Although very similar to sitting on a toilet, the pose is much more arousing with nothing blocking the view, allowing her to wet the bottom of her feet. With one foot on the sofa and half squatted over the table, Mistica’s underside is in full view when she takes another piss. Especially worth noting here is how flawless and fine her stream is. Laying her back on the sofa with an overhead perspective, Mistica’s ability to shoot out another fine stream is impressive. She seems to be in full control, handling it with surgical precision. She ends her session by overflowing a champagne glass and dowsing herself with its contents.” It is one super sexy pee scene.

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Fisting and Pissing Lesbians

ViPissy brings us a great pissing and fisting lesbian scene staring Bella Baby and Terry. The story goes “Bella Baby and Terry have found a new use for Saran wrap! The wrap is so tight around her pussy that the piss flow is struggling to find an escape. Finally it makes it way out the side and Terry catches it in her hand. She can’t stand the wait and starts to rip the wrap off her lesbian lover. Terry soaks her panties as well and lets the piss fall all over Bella Baby. They can’t get enough of each others piss soaked pussies and begin to fill each other up and enjoy the taste of every last drop. These sexy vixens will not leave a dry spot in the house when they are done. They bathe and fuck in the urine covered area making sure to bathe in all the glorious pissing action till they are completely satisfied and soaking wet. This is a super-hot lesbian pissing and fisting

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Nude Pissing In The kitchen

Alisha and Sosha from HD Wetting are nude and in the kitchen they are feeling kinky and Alisha wants to turn Sosha on she stands spreads her legs and then starts to pee. Her pee flows through her pussy and splashes on the ground you van even see her pee drips running down her legs. She finishes peeing and her shaved pussy has little pee drips glinting on her pussy lips. She turns and then makes out with Sosha. A lovely nude lesbian pee.

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